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Mr. Wayne Hightower

Mr. Wayne
82nd ABN
Fort Bragg North Carolina

Director Of Services  (DOS)


I have gained more than just excellent information management and liaison skills—as I am eager to show, I will also contribute a keen strategic vision and solutions-oriented approach that will quickly establish me as an integral and valued member Sentry International Logistics Team.

Core Competencies
• Program Design/Oversight
• Training & Development
• Inventory & Cost Control
• Business Development
• Strategic Relationship Development
• Quality Assurance/Control
• Project Management
• Process Improvement
• Procurement/ Resource Acquisition
• Planning/Implementation
• Collaborative Leadership
• Contract Management

Qualifications Summary
Operations/Program Management possessing more than 30 years of experience in diverse areas to include though not limited to operations leadership, site/location/facility development and administration, training of human capital, resource oversight and the building of strategic business relationships, leveraging skill set to add value to the revenue growth and profit maximization agenda of an organization.

You will find the following strengths to be particularly relevant . . .

Extensive industry background including resource allocation, scheduling, and prioritization in the areas of operations and transportation management.

Keen business acumen to build alliances, gather and assess client requirements and drive short and long-term planning.

Superior communication and liaison abilities
to foster close business relationships with customers, staff, vendors, and contractors.

Highly adept human resource administration talents leading employee recruitment, evaluation and training.

Vast professional level software knowledge using military grade systems for tracking, accountability, and warehousing.

During my career, I have consistently sought opportunities to apply and expand upon my skills, as the extensive list of professional development coursework and certifications attest. Further, a foremost goal during each of my successful tenures has been to build and lead teams dedicated to attaining the high levels of efficiency and quality that are essential in realizing long-term goals, and I look forward to discussing how I can most effectively leverage this commitment towards the continued growth of our organization.