Sentry International Logistics Group - C&Z Services, LLC

Sentry International Logistics Group - C&Z Services, LLC Gqs Group LLC
Phone: (877) 571-2182 Sam

  Veteran / Minority Owned SMALL BUSINESS


SILG   Base Life Support, O&M and Construction

cleaning, Washer Clothes

Cleaning Washers

Helping, Service, Food


Washing Machines

Electrical Army, Food

Army, Food Service

Food Plate

Soldiers, Food Plates, Tables

Table of Food

Gym Equipment

Workout Equiopment


People Working Out

People on Treadmills

Weight Equipment

Woman Lifting Dumbell

Cleaning Supplies

Security Camera
Extinguisher Concrete Worker Workers Pouring Concrete


Baasement Window Washer

Food, Army, Guard, Branch, Service

Fuel Burger, Fries
Constructors, Building Caution Plumbing
Safety Buffing Careful
Generator Safety is Everyones Helmet, Gloves
Generators Under Construction Large Generator
Cleaning Custodial Maintenance Field, Construction
 HVAC People, Workers Jacket, Construction
 Pancakes Love Food Workers, Hard Hat
Plumbing Cleaning Stairs