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     I'm Basil Ibrahim, I'm Iraqi - Canadian citizenship, live in Canada. I'm a goal-oriented, ethical, conscientious professional supply manager with more than 20 years of senior operations experience. I have demonstrated great success in the logistics, project management and construction engineering industries. I understand the importance of relationships between the company, client, vendors, contractors, communities and project teams.  I have skilled with both business processes and the use of tools and technology. Combining an ethical viewpoint with a commitment to meeting project requirements, and I solve operational dilemmas in extreme working conditions. I have demonstrated professionalism, leadership and management skills, with proven problem-solving abilities. My global experience includes dealing with ethnically diverse workforces, different customs, multiple languages, and organizations including NATO, the UN, NGOs, various coalition and military forces.  My roles have required me to interact with many levels of foreign governments including local, provincial, and national in order to negotiate customs, transport and commercial clearances. I have displayed the sensitivity, trustworthiness and respectfulness to be both a credible representative of the company and the UN mission but also I'll be able to meet our supply chain requirements under challenging, dynamic and volatile conditions.